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Best Practices for Rural Traffic Safety Webinar Series 

Issues and Impacts of Deploying Automated Speed Enforcement in Work Zones

A webinar sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

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About the Event

This webinar addressed policy and implementation issues related to automated speed enforcement in work zones. In 2004, Illinois implemented photo speed enforcement (PSE) statewide in work zones. 

Priscilla Tobias of the Illinois Department of Transportation discussed PSE law in Illinois and the challenges associated with PSE implementation. Frank Douma of the University of Minnesota discussed the legal and policy issues identified in an automated speed enforcement study conducted in Minnesota. 


Priscilla Tobias is the state safety engineer/bureau chief at the Illinois Department of Transportation. She is responsible for Illinois’s SHSP, HSIP, SRTS, work-zone safety, RSAs, and roadside hardware, as well as establishing programs and policies focused on improving the safety performance of state and local roadways.  She works closely with multidisciplinary safety stakeholders to provide an integrated approach to safety.  

Frank Douma is the associate director of CERS. He is also a research fellow and associate director of the State and Local Policy Program at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and a research scholar at the Center for Transportation Studies, both located at the University of Minnesota. He manages research projects in several areas of transportation policy, including political and institutional issues related to safety laws and regulations, such as mandatory seat belt laws and automated enforcement.


This seminar is sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

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