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Best Practices for Rural Traffic Safety Webinar Series 

Rural Traffic Safety Programs in Montana

A webinar sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

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About the Event

This webinar included a summary of data-driven traffic safety programs in Montana that are based on the state’s Comprehensive Highway Safety Plan (CHSP). The presentation also provided information about the partnerships involved in the implementation of this plan. A variety of safety programs were highlighted, including impaired driving and safety belt usage programs, motorcycle safety programs, the Native American Safe On All Roads (SOAR) program, and Montana’s Plan2Live media program. 


Priscilla Sinclair has been the state highway traffic safety officer at the Montana Department of Transportation since 2003. Sinclair and her staff support Montana's Comprehensive Highway Traffic Safety Plan and its 12 emphasis areas, including alcohol and seat belts. In this role, they have implemented several programs addressed in the plan that qualify for funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.


This seminar is sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

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