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Best Practices for Rural Traffic Safety Webinar Series

Safety Solutions in Rural Areas of Missouri

A webinar sponsored by the Center for Excellence in Rural Safety in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

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About the Event

Missouri has implemented a unique approach to highway safety. In this webinar, speakers from the Missouri Department of Transportation highlighted their state’s method of applying uniform safety improvements across a “tiered” number of miles of the overall highway system. This systemic approach and implementation practice has been an innovative and effective solution to improving rural road safety in Missouri.


Dr. Leanna Depue is the highway safety director at the Missouri Department of Transportation. Her highway safety activities include membership on the GHSA Executive Board, AASHTO Standing Committee on Highway Traffic Safety, Bureau of Transportation Statistics Advisory Council, TRB Performance Management Committee, and the SHRP 2 Safety Technical Coordination Committee.

John P. Miller is a traffic safety engineer in the Traffic and Highway Safety Division of the Missouri Department of Transportation. Miller and his section develop reports and recommendations involving safety issues. He is involved with law enforcement and other safety partners, provides training opportunities to District and Central Office staff, and supports personnel with safety engineering expertise. 


This seminar is sponsored by the University of Minnesota's Center for Excellence in Rural Safety, in cooperation with the Federal Highway Administration.

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